Parole & Reentry Program

The Parole & Reentry Program was started to support inmates transitioning back into society. Through deep empathetic listening, the C.O.G. mentors are hoping to better pinpoint inmates’ needs on a one-on-one basis as they prepare to be released from prison and to help them better cope with the challenges of reentering society.

Support provided to potential parolees includes: writing a proper parole proposal, creating an itemized action plan of what to do when first released, writing an appropriate letter to the judge/parole board for sentence modification/commutation, providing resources for job training, housing, transportation, clothing and financial support.

This is the fastest growing COG program and we are constantly on the lookout for partners and resources from local communities to help these individuals make their return to society a success. COG hopes that guiding the inmates throughout their sentence, and to the end, we can help reduce recidivism.