Compassion Cards

The Compassion Cards program started when the prison’s mailroom policy changed stating that no inmate can receive greeting cards, postcards or anything on cardstock through outside incoming mail. This was devastating to a lot of inmates who look forward to correspondence from their loved ones. 

COG immediately went into action identifying all the different reasons an inmate would receive a greeting card – like a birthday, receiving their GED, a death in the family, they are going through a health crisis, etc. With the help of outside volunteers donating cardstock, colored pencils, and stencils, COG & PEG members make homemade cards that get handed out to other inmates. 

Whether we are congratulating them, wishing them happy birthday, or simply letting them know that they are not forgotten, this simple act of kindness has brought many men to tears. For some, this is the only card or personal correspondence they have received in decades of serving time.

We make and distribute an average of 800 cards a year and surprisingly this program has had the biggest emotional response from the inmates. Amazing that such a small act of generosity and compassion can sometimes yield the biggest results.